Data Annotation

Content Moderation

Build Trust and Improve User Experience 

AI & Human-Powered Moderation to Safeguard Your Community & Brand 

Innodata combines the power of machine learning technology with the precision of highly-trained subject matter experts to identify and classify inappropriate content. Our global network of skilled moderation specialists leverage best-in-class technology to classify, filter, and escalate risky content, in 35+ languages.

Publish User-Generated Content with Confidence

Our ML-enhanced content moderation platform can process all types of user-generated content (USG) to ensure it complies with your guidelines. Our in-house team of SMEs arbitrate questionable classifications to guarantee the right content is hosted by your site. 

image and video moderation by innodata

Visual Moderation

Visual content is fed into our trained computer vision model via API. Unwanted material is identified, classified, and escalated with a confidence level. Our expert content moderators assess and validate the ML model decision and a feedback loop from our moderators back to our ML promotes active learning.

content Moderation by Innodata

Text Moderation

Text is monitored through our API and ingested into our proprietary text moderation ML model. Inappropriate or unwanted content is flagged, assigned a confidence level, and validated by our expert content moderators. This QA process not only assures immediate high -quality for our clients, but also generates feedback for our models to continuously train and improve over time. Supporting 35+ languages and counting.

audio moderation by innodata

Audio Moderation

Audio files are first processed through our speech-to-text transcription software and then run through our text moderation model, which interprets the media. Profane, threatening, or abusive language is escalated with a confidence level and verified by our in-house content moderation experts. We use precision and recall to measure quality and use feedback loops to promote active learning to continually improve.

types of content

Protect Your Community and Your Brand

Monitor Content Across Diverse Model Classes

Detect, Filter & Block Lude Content

Our Team of Data Experts

Our team is comprised of data experts, with years of developing strategies that enables companies to manage and distribute data using AI-based solutions. Book a time that works for you and let us help develop a custom solution for your unique needs.

Why Choose Innodata
Machine Learning

Our ML-enhanced content moderation platform is continually learning and adapting to monitor and recognize risky content in real-time for fast and scalable results.

Dedicated Global Workforce

We employ a highly skilled in-house workforce trained to identify questionable content 24/7 in 35+ languages.  It is our explicit corporate policy that we not only comply with all legal requirements in the conduct of our business, but also act in accordance with high moral and ethical standards to create a healthy and safe environment for our employees.

Easy Integration

Innodata provides seamless integration into your desired workflow through our API.

Case Studies

Our Expertise at Work Across Diverse Industries

(NASDAQ: INOD) Innodata is a global data engineering company delivering the promise of AI to many of the world’s most prestigious companies. We provide AI-enabled software platforms and managed services for AI data collection/annotation, AI digital transformation, and industry-specific business processes. Our low-code Innodata AI technology platform is at the core of our offerings. In every relationship, we honor our 30+ year legacy delivering the highest quality data and outstanding service to our customers.