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Custom Privacy Policy Monitoring Model for Ethical Data Management

Automating the review of privacy policies on websites for changes and validation of compliance requirements 

40,000+ Policies Reviewed

Custom Privacy Policy Monitoring Model for Ethical Data Management_Innodata


Our client, an industry leader in identity and customer data management, ensures data collected and used for marketing purposes is ethically sourced. With new data privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and NY Privacy Act, data aggregators and sellers must take on the onus of ensuring compliance. Given the volume of websites, the scale was too massive for manual processing and review.

To drive efficiency in their compliance services, they sought a custom AI solution that could aggregate, monitor, and extract website privacy policies from millions of websites. The AI model would then do a first pass review of the privacy policy and provide a suggestion to the ethics team that stated its level of confidence that the data use permissions met compliance standards.  



Innodata built a custom AI solution that scraped and normalized privacy policies from 40,000+ websites using machine learning and natural language processing tools. Key data points were then auto-extracted and annotated by humans-in-the-loop based on a proprietary privacy taxonomy. This dataset was initially delivered straight to the ethics review team for approval. Then Innodata used the dataset to train a custom model to automate a suggestive compliance check, with confidence score to further accelerate the ethic review team’s workflow.  


Our client has become a leader in compliance across the world and has auditable solutions to ensure the data they sell is compliant with all regulatory bodies. Innodata delivered a custom AI solution that allowed our client to alleviate the need for manual monitoring and reviewing websites for changes to privacy policies around GDPR, CCPA, and NY Privacy Act. Policies are refreshed every quarter and version control is tracked. We continue to work with our customer to fine tune the model, add new features, and to help lead the ethical use of data. 

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