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Innodata Launches “Helping Breathe” Initiative to Support India COVID-19 Relief

Innodata, in partnership with a US based NGO, Vibha, has launched the “Helping Breathe” initiative, a program dedicated to providing medical relief in India during the COVID-19 crisis.

The second wave in India is impacting patients with sudden drops in oxygen saturation in the body, causing countless patients to require external medical oxygen support. To help medical professionals meet this need, Innodata has donated 30 oxygen concentrators to select institutes. These include a 100 bedded Prakash hospital in Noida and a Covid care facility set up by the State government jointly with an NGO in Delhi. Innodata has also donated to the Aanganwadis rural childcare centers to ensure support reached patients in remote villages, and Astha hospital in Lucknow, which provides primary and specialty health care services to older adults. Innodata trusts this initiative will help medical professionals treat more people and save many lives during the pandemic.

Innodata has further implemented support for its employees and their families during this crisis, such as the 24/7 COVID-19 helpdesk, which assists employees in arranging medical resources like hospital beds, medical advice, oxygen concentrators, vaccine appointments, and more.  Innodata has also doubled medical insurance coverage for employees who require hospitalization due to COVID-19, and regularly holds health and wellness sessions with a special focus on COVID-19, like online yoga training and vaccination awareness, for employees.

As the situation continues to evolve during the pandemic, Innodata’s duly constituted task force will continuously review the ongoing programs and make provisions for any additional support that employees, their families and community at large may need. Innodata believes in conducting its business as a socially responsible corporate entity and is committed to designing programs that aid in the welfare and sustainable development of communities in which the company operates.

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