Data Curation

Source, Collect & Generate High-Quality Data to Scale Model Development

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Learn how to maintain your database to create the golden source your business demands

Customized Natural and Synthetic Data Collection for AI Model Training

Let Innodata source, collect and generate voice, image, video, and text data for AI and ML model development. With over 35+ languages supported across the globe and customized offerings to meet any industry domain need, we offer a one-stop-shop for all your training data needs by applying stringent data hygiene practices and sophisticated algorithms for matching and merging records in a secured environment.

Specialized Expertise

Subject matter experts working across multiple domains with experience handling large amounts of data ensure quality.

Your Data, Secured

Highly secured infrastructure with audits for compliance.


Probabilistic, human-guided machine learning drives end-to-end data management, monitoring, preparation and distribution.

Data Curation Services

Innodata employs end-to-end services to create, manage and maintain data with long-term value.

Data Generation

Synthetic Data for Bank Statements  |  Utility Bills  |  Tax Forms  |  Invoices  |  POs  |  etc.

Data Collection

Web Data | External Sources | Internal Sources

Data Hygiene

Structure Normalization | Data Cleanup | Name Standardization | Address Standardization

Data Consolidation

Matching Algorithms – Exact and Fuzzy | Identity Resolution with Confidence Scores | Augmenting Geo-Spatial Data | Curated Output File

Data Compliance

Opt-Outs | Purge Requests | GDPR and Other Compliances

Data Curation In Action

Getting Started is Simple

step 1

Create an enterprise view of products and platform

step 2

Identify core datasets to identify alignment with future products and platform view

step 3

Expand (or Acquire) datasets that define your unique competitive advantage

step 4

Create a remediation and maintenance plan leveraging traditional + AI technologies

step 5

Transform data to re-use across the organization and empower products

Success Stories

Learn how we’re helping our clients maximize the value of their database.

Business Intelligence Provider Brings Confidence to Database
Global Research & Advisory Firm Drives Better Reputation with Better Data
Global Database Delivers More Accurate Product Information
(NASDAQ: INOD) Innodata is a leading data engineering company. Prestigious companies across the globe turn to Innodata for help with their biggest data challenges. By combining advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence (ML/AI) technologies, a global workforce of over 3,000 subject matter experts, and a high-security infrastructure, we’re helping usher in the promise of digital data and ubiquitous AI.



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