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Evaluating AI Outputs for Enhanced Performance

Innodata Partners with Big 5 Tech Company to Evaluate and Improve the Performance of Their Generative AI Model


One of the big 5 tech companies came to Innodata when facing the challenge of evaluating the outputs generated by a machine learning model and recognized they needed to improve its performance. The model was designed to perform specific tasks based on user prompts or instructions. The source materials consisted of user prompts along with the corresponding model-generated outputs. 

The primary goal was to evaluate the helpfulness of the model’s output using a rating scale. Additionally, the assessment needed to identify any instances where the output violated explicit constraints provided in the input instructions, and also determine whether the output contained information that did not logically follow from the given input.

Fine-Tuning A GENERATIVE AI MODEL for Big Tech



Innodata’s comprehensive generative AI solutions were able to address the technology company’s challenge quickly and accurately. Using proprietary platforms and automation tools in addition to human expertise, the US based team handled the substantial volume of assessments required within an ambitious timeline of less than a month. Innodata and the client worked closely together to refine the assessment guidelines, minimizing potential errors and discrepancies when rating the model outputs. 


Through Innodata’s solution, the global technology company was able to effectively evaluate the performance of their machine learning model. The rating process provided valuable insights into the model’s strengths and weaknesses, helping the company identify areas for improvement. 

As a result, the client gained a deeper understanding of the model’s performance to make informed decisions and enhance its existing capabilities. Also, the work contributed to the company’s ongoing efforts to refine and optimize its machine learning model, ultimately leading to improved performance, user experience, and ongoing relationship with Innodata as a trusted partner in developing their AI initiatives. 

Bring Intelligence to Your Enterprise Processes with Generative AI

Whether you have existing generative AI models or want to integrate them into your operations, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to unlock their full potential.

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