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Expanding Business Intelligence Coverage for New Verticals and Markets

A leading cloud computing company expands its Business Intelligence solution into new markets by fine-tuning an LLM, resulting in valuable insights and expedited market entry.


A global cloud computing company’s Business Intelligence (BI) solution aimed to provide easily understandable visual insights based on client data. As the company looked to expand its reach into new vertical markets, a critical challenge emerged. The existing Language Model (LLM) required fine-tuning by domain and language experts to ensure accurate and effective coverage. 

Fine Tuning LLM to Expand Business Intelligence Solution



Utilizing proprietary technology, Innodata tackled the challenge with prepared in-house teams. These teams, consisting of subject matter experts (SMEs) from fields like medical, tax, gaming, sports, and legal, were strategically dispersed across the US, Philippines, and India. This ensured both domain expertise and seamless business continuity. 

 The solution involved a comprehensive approach to LLM training: 

  • Prompts and Completions: Analysts authored prompts and completions that were specific to each domain, enabling the LLM to generate relevant and contextually accurate responses. 
  • Addressing Ambiguity: Ambiguity detection and resolution mechanisms were put in place to enhance the LLM’s ability to understand and respond accurately to complex queries. 
  • Enhancing Visuals: Visual elements related to questions and answers were revised to improve the quality of insights presented by the BI solution. 
  • Assessing Model Outputs: The teams diligently assessed the output generated by the LLM, ensuring that the insights provided were valuable and aligned with the objectives of the BI solution. 


Innodata helped the client successfully expand the company into new vertical markets. The strategic deployment of SMEs and the meticulous fine-tuning of the Language Model resulted in a BI solution that offers valuable insights across diverse domains, empowering businesses with data-driven decision-making capabilities. Significant achievements include: 

  • Successfully Deployed New Domains: The Business Intelligence solution was extended to cover five new domains. These newly introduced verticals benefited from the fine-tuned LLM’s ability to provide domain-specific insights. 
  • Market Viability Evaluation: The newly incorporated domains are currently undergoing review to determine their viability in the market. This strategic assessment ensures that the expansion efforts align with market demands. 
  • Consistency and Efficiency: Ongoing collaboration between Innodata and the client ensures that the LLM remains finely tuned and aligned with the evolving requirements of the BI solution. This approach expedites the time-to-market for new domains. 

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