Innodata Launches Data Annotation and Labeling Solution for Enterprises Requiring Complex Training Data For Artificial Intelligence

High-quality data annotation and labeling processed with deep subject matter expertise provides ground truth for machine learning projects

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 11, 2019 / Innodata Inc. (NASDAQ: INOD) today announced the launch of its expertly managed data annotation and labeling services to accelerate the creation of training data for customers in key industries such as financial services, legal, healthcare, and pharma.

Data preparation and labeling is essential for training AI and machine learning models; it’s what makes them truly intelligent. But in many cases, a deeper understanding of information is needed to correctly annotate and label data for AI. When it comes to analyzing, reviewing and extracting data from complex documents like medical records or derivative contracts, crowdsourcing won’t do. That’s why Innodata employs over 1,500 subject matter experts across diverse fields including science, technology, medicine, finance and law. Our team of highly accredited experts are trained to quickly deliver accurate and annotated data for our customers’ AI and machine learning platforms.

“There’s no substitute for human expertise,” said Rahul Singhal, Chief Product Officer of Innodata. “Our mission is to help our customers save time and money while delivering high-quality and accurate annotated data processed by individuals that truly understand their business.”

Innodata provides annotated data tagged to a customer’s schema and mapped to their knowledge graph or an ontology. The areas of data preparation include:

  • Building Intents and Utterances for Conversational Agents
  • Labeling Content for Search
  • Building or Mapping Data for Ontologies
  • Document Classification
  • Recommendation Engines
  • Customer Insights

“Innodata has proven to be a trusted partner in our machine learning initiatives,” said Rahul Garg, Chief Product Officer of Pypestream. “Our machine learning projects are highly dependent on accurately annotated data, and Innodata has a wide reach to experts that can make sense of some of the complex datasets we work with.”

Innodata’s data annotation and labeling services are now available as part of the Innodata data platform. Companies looking for better quality training data can learn more at

Mr. Singhal will be discussing what companies can do to overcome some of AI’s biggest obstacles. Join his session, “Without Human Expertise, AI is Pretty Dumb” on Thursday, 12 June at 14:20 at the AI Summit, London.

To request a demo, or learn more:

Rahul Singhal
(203) 609-1864

About Innodata

Innodata (NASDAQ: INOD) is a global services and technology company focused on data transformation, enrichment, and management. Through our data refinery platform and related products and services, we enable the world’s preeminent media, publishing and information services companies, as well as data-driven enterprises, to improve operational efficiency, drive growth, and bring new data-enabled products to market. Innodata Labs, our technology incubator, focuses on applied machine learning and emerging artificial intelligence. Our culture of innovation, quality, and service is present in everything we do.

Our venture companies include Synodex, a leader in medical record data transformation, and Agility PR Solutions, a provider of SaaS software and solutions for PR and communications professionals.


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