Innodata’s i-HOPE Team Brings Tech-Forward Upgrades to Girls’ School in Northern India

Innodata is proud to announce the completion of its recent corporate social responsibility project, a suite of 11 technology-enabled classrooms in a girls’ government school in Uttar Pradesh, India. A formal handover of the fully functional classrooms was conducted on July 21, 2022.

In the state of Uttar Pradesh, qualified, committed teachers are a scarcity, particularly in government schools. Technology-aided programs empower students to receive a high-quality education in the absence of regular in-person teaching.

The Government Girls Inter College (GGIC) in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, is a grade 6-12 school dedicated to women’s education. GGIC was formerly equipped with 44 smart classrooms, consisting of basic desks and blackboards along with a smart whiteboard (large electronic whiteboard/screen), projector, and laptop or desktop computer. However, these smart classrooms had become unusable due to poor hardware and software maintenance and expired educational subscriptions.

GGIC students now have instant access to their entire curriculum through educational software and subscriptions.

The principal of GGIC approached Innodata to help restore these classrooms to their full capability. The i-HOPE team began with a cluster of 11 smart classrooms. They purchased educational software, licenses, and subscriptions encompassing the curricula and syllabi for the entire student body of GGIC. In addition, they contracted with the Extramarks Education Foundation (EEF) to update and maintain all hardware and software in these classrooms for a minimum of one year, with renewal contingent upon usage and outcomes.

1,250 girls at GGIC now have unlimited access to virtual teaching, instructional videos, and technology-enabled lessons covering their entire curriculum. As a result, their education can proceed with or without a qualified teacher in the classroom.

Innodata will monitor the new classrooms during this one-year period via real-time usage data and monthly reports. Based on student outcomes, the i-HOPE team aims to renovate additional classrooms until all 5000+ of GGIC’s students can benefit from consistent, high-quality, technology-aided education.

An online chemistry lesson displayed in one of GGIC’s technology-enabled classrooms.

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