Covid-19 Resource Center

Data solutions, projects & information developed to help the medical community and businesses in need of unique Covid-19 related data assistance

Covid-19 Solutions & Projects

From platforms that help with loan and relief applications to medical annotation solutions, these offerings are specifically designed to help- when it’s needed most. 


Expediting Loan approvals with Innodata's Data Extraction Platform

Since the CARES Act was signed, banks, credit unions and other lenders have been getting inundated with applications from small businesses. The complex, manual and time-consuming loan approval process can be expedited by verifying, classifying, and prioritizing applications with the use of existing document management tools built to scale for projects of this urgency.

Innodata’s DocAnalyticsTM platform turns application data into search and navigable results from a variety of formats, including XML, Excel, and CSV.

See how DocAnalytics is transforming raw documents like applications, payroll reports, P&L statements, mortgage documents and others into key data points for extraction and useful analytics


Stay On Top of Public Health Orders In Real-Time & Keep Compliant

New public heath mandates, orders and changes are being published by national, state and local governments at a rapid pace to address evolving conditions related to COVID-19. Keeping up is time consuming and failing to comply can result in hefty fines. 

Innodata now provides real-time monitoring of all state public health updates 24/7. If new orders or legislation are enacted, receive the updated data right to your inbox in 2-hour intervals.

Innodata Nasdaq Covid-19 Initiative

Free Services to the Medical Community to Help fight Covid-19

As more information is becoming available around the virus, AI-enabled data is in dire need to help expedite essential research and development of new treatments.

We are doing our part in the fight against Covid-19, by providing data extraction, data preparation, and data analytics platforms and services at no-charge or reduced-charge (as circumstances warrant) to healthcare institutions, research institutions, and pharmaceutical companies.

Service offerings include but are not limited to:

  • Medical file data extraction and analysis for cohort studies
  • Data analytics related to clinical trials and treatment efficacy
  • Data preparation for AI and Machine Learning-based solutions
  • Supervision and training of AI and Machine Learning models

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No-Cost Daily Covid-19 News Briefs

As concerns about coronavirus escalate, we have created a free, daily media brief on Covid-19 from prominent publications, covering breaking and developing top-level news through our media monitoring subsidiary Agility PR Solutions.

Each Covid-19 brief contains:

  • General news about the spread of the virus, quarantines imposed, vaccine development, and other major actions or announcements from national governments and health organizations
  • Economic & industry news regarding impact to the economy and specific verticals
  • Travel news pertaining to travel bans, border closings, airline announcements, and other travel impacts
  • Human resources news highlighting how other companies are addressing employee safety, managing day to day operations, and deploying new policies

Our goal is to keep you informed, share how others are preparing, and put you in the best position possible to react to breaking news.

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