Monitoring Public Health Regulations During Covid-19

Monitoring Government & State Regulations for Businesses

Insurance Data Solutions by Innodata

Managing Ever-Evolving Mandates

Local businesses and organizations are finding the  the ever-evolving changes to government and state regulations overwhelming and hard to stay ahead of. While governmental agencies are issuing rules and regulations almost daily to keep up with the changing Covid-19 situation, and rightly so, the pace of changes has created a need for businesses to constantly monitor a number of websites for such orders.

While essential businesses are already dealing with the adjustment to a new normal, the need to constantly monitor such rules and regulations are further adding to the effort required to stay operational. The problem exponentially increases when there are multiple orders issued at Federal, State, and City levels and business is operating in multiple cities, and states. Failure to comply leads to non-compliance that comes with heavy penalties. 

In the midst of a crisis, Innodata is here to give you the coverage you need so you can remain focused on the core aspects of your business. We ensure you’re connected to all vital content sources and can stay up to date through our real-time Public Health Monitoring System.

With the public health monitoring system you can:

  • Protect customers by staying informed of all new health practices
  • Avoid non-compliance fines
  • Relieve the manual workload of constantly auditing multiple websites
  • Safeguard the reputation of your company by adhering to requirements

Are you a business or organization in need of Covid-19 regulation monitoring assistance? We are here to help.

Will Fisher - VP, Data Solutions​

Will helps clients in developing strategies that enables them to manage and distribute data using AI-based solutions. He is passionate about unlocking value from structured and unstructured data using AI.

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