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Document Intelligence

Turn Your Document Data Into Intelligence With the Leading AI-Powered Data Extraction Platform

Powerful, High-Confidence Extraction for Your Document-Heavy Operations

With Innodata’s Document Intelligence ecosystem, you can utilize our out-of-the-box or industry-specific pretrained AI models to extract data from any complex document in seconds. Powered by industry-leading NLP and OCR ML algorithms, your models will continue improving in accuracy and confidence level.

Industry-Leading Platform Features

Advanced Extraction

Extract data and insights from different elements (e.g., text, tables, charts, images) and format types (e.g., titles, headers/footers, stamps, lists, handwriting, character styling) — providing ground truth labeling for advanced entity extraction.

Multiple Languages Supported

Ingest any type of unstructured, structured, or semi-structured documents in all major languages.


Process unstructured content, including handwritten content and signatures at an industry-leading 70-90% accuracy, depending on the dataset difficulty.

data normalization & language generation

Process data normalization and language generation in your projects easily with advanced tooling.

Integrate Seamlessly


Effortlessly achieve end-to-end document extraction with our no-code/low-code platform and ability to integrate with taxonomies/ontologies/tags.

API Connection

Seamlessly manage projects and process documents with our easy-to-use API connection. See more about our API at

Data-Centric Approach

Our data-centric approach means you can get your models jump-started for high-quality document extraction.

Synthetic Data Ready

Utilize our in-house developed, download-ready synthetic documents or have our professional services create the synthetic data you need to train your models.

Human-Supported Operations


Our professional services capabilities include humans-in-the-loop and SME validation, ensuring your models grow more and more accurate.

Internal Data Science Teams

On the back-end, our data science teams constantly improve platform features, performance, and integrations.

In-House Advisory

Our in-house advisory services allow for deeper expertise in key areas of process efficiency, value realization, digital transformation, data annotation, and intelligent document processing.

Advanced Extraction Capabilities

With Innodata’s Document Intelligence platform, we utilize proprietary algorithms and tools to bring you the most advanced document extraction workflows.

Recognize standard text, titles, subtitles, headers, footers, captions, margin notes, footnotes, page numbers, bibliographies, blockquotes, images, charts, logos, stamps, handwriting, equations, tables, forms, table of contents, number lists, bullet lists, and back-of-the-book indexes.

Detect tables and forms and their content, including when rows and columns have no explicit lines/borders.

Process extraction in advanced reading orders, like multi-column, paragraph, or continuation across pages.

Start Turning Your Document Data Into Intelligence Today

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