Modern CTO Podcast With Steven Davis

Innodata’s VP of Engineering, Steven Davis, Sat Down With Adam Sage, of the Modern CTO Podcast, the #1 Leadership and Tech Podcast in the World


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  • Synthetic Data Generation
  • Active Learning in AI
  • Preparing and Cleaning Data for Machine Learning
  • Text, Image, and Video Annotation
  • How Geographical Diversity Improves Product Development in a Globalized World
  • Leadership Advice to Create a Cohesive Team for an Overall Strong Performance

Steve's insights

On Data for AI: 

  • “One of the things we often see is that there is not an adequate amount of training data. Synthetic data is an interesting topic and the challenges are how to avoid bias that causes social and economic issues and data drift.”
  • “A hidden side of data science is preparing all of this data so you have a set of clean labels that you have high confidence in. So, when you train your model, they can identify different types of things that a human has to pick out”. 

On Leadership:

  • “One of the keys to leadership is identifying those [best practices] and finding what the right mix is for your team and individuals. That is what facilitates a strong performance and strong cohesion and ultimately happiness.”

Show notes

In this episode, Steven Davis discusses his work at Innodata, his background in the tech world, use cases with data annotation, and his leadership advice. He begins the podcast by sharing how his experience has helped him succeed in his work at Innodata. Next, he describes the differences between the government and commercial sectors related to his work. Davis shares his experiences, including the importance of the data preparation stage that provides the building blocks of the AI and ML services Innodata delivers, which includes named entity recognition. Davis shares his experiences, advice, knowledge and humbleness to sage in this captivating conversation.

Steven Davis completed both undergrad and graduate degrees in Systems and Information Engineering at the University of Virginia, with a minor in computer science. Directly out of school, Davis worked for MITRE in strategic advising and implementation. His clients were primarily government intel and defense agencies in the D.C. area. Following his work at MITRE, Davis became the Chief of Technology for Intelligence Fusion Cell. As the VP of Engineering for Innodata, Davis is set to advance the company’s artificial intelligence solutions. His extensive experience makes for an engaging conversation covering a multitude of topics. Additionally, Steven was chosen as one of Analytics Insight’s “40 Under 40.” See more here!

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