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We Bring Simplicity to Complexity

Unstructured documents are at the core of many complex business processes. Examples include underwriting, compliance, contracts administration, patent research, drug discovery, invoice reconciliation, claims processing, IP rights management, etc.

Innodata deploys best-in-class third-party and proprietary OCR, BPM, AI/ML models and data flow platforms to put you on the path toward eliminating boring and mundane document tasks like data gathering and data crunching, so your valuable human experts can shift to higher-level tasks that require analysis, creative thinking, judgement, and other skill sets.

Reduce Costs

We’ve delivered cost savings between 60-90%

Increase Productivity

Our clients have achieved up to 70% increases in productivity

Work Smarter & Faster

We’ve driven 3.5X faster processing times

Eliminate Manual Tasks

Our clients eliminated human resource dependencies by up to 90%

Intelligent Automation Services

We augment human potential by leveraging AI/ML and other technologies. Let our team of experts help eliminate repetitive tasks, automate where possible, speed up operations, and shift your expert talent to creative and analytical work.


Top-down assessment to identify both current state (as-is) and future state (to-be) after introduction of AI technologies.


Design, develop and test human interfaces and AI/ML models, as well as underlying bots and workflows.


Deploy new technologies to obtain the business benefits of AI.

Discover Automation for Legal Information Providers

Intelligent Automation In Action

Intelligent Automation by Innodata

Getting Started is Simple

step 1

Discuss and document current workflow processes

step 2

Share sample work product

step 3

Conduct workshops to define the “art of the possible” in applying AI technologies

step 4

Define and implement POCs

step 5

Document business case

Success Stories

Learn how we’re helping our clients drive intelligent automation with our services.

Global enterprise automates manual cross-functional user tasks for operational efficiency
Leading Geospatial Information Provider Drastically Reduces Process Time to Deliver Insights to its Customers
Professional association increases productivity through improved business processes performed through centralized workflows

(NASDAQ: INOD) Innodata is a global data engineering company delivering the promise of AI to many of the world’s most prestigious companies. We provide AI-enabled software platforms and managed services for AI data collection/annotation, AI digital transformation, and industry-specific business processes. Our low-code Innodata AI technology platform is at the core of our offerings. In every relationship, we honor our 30+ year legacy delivering the highest quality data and outstanding service to our customers.


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