Modern CTO Podcast With Rahul Singhal

Innodata’s Chief Product & Marketing Officer, Rahul Singhal, Sat Down With Adam Sage, of the Modern CTO Podcast, the #1 Leadership and Tech Podcast in the World

Modern CTO Podcast With Rahul Singhal — Innodata


  • Technical challenges companies face with cleaning datasets  
  • The importance of clean data 
  • Future advances in AI transforming businesses 
  • How Innodata helps customers and stands out against competitors  
  • Leadership skills and advice

Rahul's insights

“AI is absolutely going to transform businesses” 

“Companies will not have a choice but to apply AI technique to solving a certain problem” 

“You spend more time trying to find data than actually adding value” 

“The problem is enterprises were spending hundreds of millions of dollars on AI and ML. They can’t expect their existing work force to create this training data because everybody is working 120%-150%. This work is all beyond what they have to do and it is not fun.” 

Show notes

In this episode Rahul discusses Innodata’s new, cutting-edge AI annotation platform and how important it is to keep a data-centric approach to model development.  

Rahul dives into topics concerning companies and their need to outsource their AI and ML training. He provides insight into companies facing issues with their AI projects failing due to lack of clean data.  The episode concludes with a conversation about the importance of hard work and giving back to society.  

Along with working at Innodata, Rahul is also an adjunct professor at New York University, where he teaches competitive Strategy, Advanced Experimental Design and Machine Learning.  

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