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    • [1:02] Azmath’s Career In Artificial Intelligence

    • [3:35] Harnessing the Power of Digital Analytics

    • [6:32] The Ideal Relationship Between Technology and Society

    • [9:23] Integrating AI Into Business Processes

    • [14:54] The Benefits of Using Synthetic Data

    • [18:12] Adaptation of The Digital Transformation By Industry

    • [26:33] Looking to the Future of AI

Azmath's Insights

    • [1:36] “AI was just bound to happen. All of the technologies are moving toward machine learning and algorithms are always getting more commoditized.”

    • [10:38]  “[Users have to] show AI as a tool for better decision making at every layer.”

    • [15:29]  “Harnessing the benefits of new database and analytics technologies, that’s what we need to focus on.”

Azmath's Bio

Azmath Pasha is a consummate Chief Technology Officer with 25-plus years of experience demonstrating success leading large-scale and high-value digital transformation engagements within the evolving advanced analytics, AI, and cloud-based technology markets. 


Show Notes

The potential for a significant increase in AI implementation is poised to happen in the near future, and while some industries are ready for adaptation, others might struggle. In this episode, Melody welcomes Azmath Pasha, consummate CTO with over 25 years of technological experience. He is now an advisor to the tech community through board memberships including the Forbes Technology Advisory Board and brings a wealth of experience to today’s episode of the Absolute AI podcast. He highlights the present impact and future potential of AI implementation by industry, the power of digital analytics, how AI could be more diverse, and what it will take to educate and retain the next generation of programmers to support the explosion of AI that is bound to happen. 


Artificial intelligence has been around for almost 50 years and Azmath has been involved in the tech space for over 25 years, and AI specifically for nearly a decade. He has watched the trends as both people and companies have harnessed the power of data collection and infused it with the power of AI. Today and in the future, the leaders and communities who win will be the ones who understand and utilize the power of digital analytics. Considering the future of work and the future of data, digital technology is available to all and an increase in diversity will play a critical role in global adoption. 


Technologies have the power to make the world more fair, peaceful, and just. Azmath shares his vision of providing a greater bridge between technology and society, whether for combating COVID-19 and its aftermath, understanding fashion trends, or incorporating AI into business processes. In order for AI to be adapted by senior-level decision-makers, it must be presented as a tool for better decision-making at every level.


Data cannot always be simulated, although some AI developers are working to achieve just that. Synthetic data can be a helpful augmentation of real data, and there are benefits to utilizing synthetic databases and new analytics technologies. On a strategic level, there is a three-pillar approach to using synthetic databases, which Azmath clearly outlines in relation to organizing and structuring data that is already available. 


Many industries have quickly adopted AI, while others have struggled to implement all that AI has to offer. Azmath highlights some of the industries that have underutilized AI and are poised to experience a major transformation in the next few years, including entertainment and gaming as well as manufacturing with the use of “cobots.” Over the next 20 years, the use of AI is going to continue to expand and affect every industry, prompting a need for increased regulations and ethical use to monitor the gathering and usage of quality data.

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