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    • [2:48] Jinsook’s Career Chapters and Pandemic Inspired Hobbies
    • [6:55] AI Has Transformed the Way Business is Done
    • [10:05] Overcoming Digital Transformation Integration Challenges
    • [17:42] The Most Effective Intersection of Humans and AI
    • [25:19] Humans Expect Everything From AI
    • [33:17] AI and Robotics as a Service in 5D Jobs

Jinsook’s Insights

    • [10:56] “At the end of the day, it’s not the technologies that transform a company or a people. It’s actually the culture that will get embedded.”
    • [18:50] “A human plus machine is always better than human alone or machine alone.”
    • [24:39] “It’s the balance between human brilliance and machine consistency and learning that we need to bring together.”

Jinsook’s Bio

Jinsook Han is the managing partner and founder of Spruce Peak Ventures LLC, a company that advises on digital transformation, product roadmap, and growth strategies and invests in companies that are working on the future of work and manufacturing. Jinsook blogs about human+AI topics in the semi-monthly newsletter HIRscape — Human Ingenuity Realized, at LinkedIn.

Previously, Jinsook was the Managing Director, Global Growth & Strategy Lead (“Chief Strategy Officer”) for the artificial intelligence, analytics, cognitive automation, and data business referred to as Accenture Applied Intelligence. In this role, she led strategy, new capability incubation, and ecosystem development. She led to dramatically increasing the acquisitions and ecosystem buildout and set up marquee partnerships with institutions such as the National Science Foundation, the Berkeley Institute of Data Science, The Alan Turing Institute, and Fortune Brainstorm AI. Jinsook holds an undergraduate degree from Virginia Tech in Accounting with Honors, and a master’s in business administration from the Kellogg School of Management. She is a graduate of the Advanced Management Program from Harvard Business School.

Show Notes

At the intersection of both human and AI capabilities, we find the critical value of machine intelligence. In this episode of the Absolute AI podcast, Melody welcomes Jinsook Han. Jinsook’s passion lies in the future of work, at the intersection of human and artificial intelligence where technology assists, augments, and accelerates human ingenuity. She is currently the managing partner and founder of Spruce Peak Ventures LLC that advises companies on digital transformation, product roadmap, and growth strategies, and invests in companies that are working on the future of work and manufacturing. Jinsook blogs about human+AI topics in the semi-monthly newsletter HIRscape — Human Ingenuity Realized at LinkedIn. Together they discuss what it takes to lead a digital transformation, when AI needs to be directed by humans, and the true value of AI in meeting the needs of human beings.


From the smallest of operations to massive companies like Accenture with nearly 700,000 employees, AI and the digital transformation have changed the way that work gets done. From the client side and the business side, automation, analytics, AI, and data are all coming together to create a digital transformation that is meeting customer needs like never before. It can be a struggle to help people use the analytics and data that is created by AI, but Jinsook has three critical insights into the right way to integrate AI to use the data that will actually solve problems. The culture, the trade-off, and the time that has to be invested in these changes are each essential to a successful adaptation of any AI.


AI is already plugged into our everyday lives, but that doesn’t mean that it is always superior to the human experience. Jinsook argues that the human plus machine experience is always preferred over either human alone or machine alone, and tells the stories that prove it. She makes it clear that it is the combination of humans plus machines that achieves the highest level of AI effectiveness possible.


In today’s AI-driven virtual experience, humans have come to expect so much from AI. Jinsook weighs in on how companies and individuals handle both the filtering and the narrowing that comes with machines learning our preferences, as well as the adaptation, regulations, and acceptance that comes with the integration of advanced learning in every facet of our lives over time.


AI has the ability to perform jobs that are dirty, difficult, or dangerous. Add in dependent and disturbing, and there are countless opportunities for 5D jobs that could be reassigned from humans to robots. From content moderators to human assistants, 5D jobs have the potential to reallocate human energy and allow humans to dedicate their best efforts to more meaningful places.


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