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Absolute AI Podcast | Zach Hanson, Episode 8 — Innodata


  • [4:14] Zach’s Unusual Journey into Artificial Intelligence
  • [11:24] Initiatives and Opportunities in the Video Space for AI/ML Implementation
  • [14:24] Navigating International Governance and Responsible AI
  • [17:31] Transforming Data into Useful Information
  • [20:09] Empowering Companies to Scale In AI Operations
  • [24:06] Terminal Entrepreneurship and Achieving Your Goals
  • [27:52] Practices for Successful Remote Working
  • [34:10] The World in 2041 According to Zach

Zach's Insights

  • [11:37] “Video is just so rich in opportunity areas for us to focus on, it’s exciting…. Amazing companies are doing great things with video.”
  • [12:45] “The list goes on and on of the really cool ML stuff we could do but it all starts with a solid data platform.”
  • [22:09] “No matter what you’re doing, get back to the fundamentals and follow those same paths and you’ll find success.”

Zach's Bio

Zach Hanson is a Machine Learning product management expert with experience delivering high-value products at several large enterprises who has worked at several of the world’s largest artificial intelligence companies, IBM Watson, Capital One, Wells Fargo, and Brightcove. As an entrepreneur, he has co-founded two startups: Implant Compare — the leading oral surgery live-streaming education platform, and FiNe — a dynamic discounting & loyalty service for small businesses. More importantly, Zach is a remote work enthusiast and has been a remote employee for his entire professional career.

Zach holds a BA in political science from the College of Charleston and an MS in government analytics from Johns Hopkins University. He, his wife, and daughter live in rural Idaho working towards living a more sustainable lifestyle.

Show Notes

The process of moving AI beyond the theoretical and into the practical as it becomes part of our everyday lives is a complex one. While advancements and opportunities in the AI/ML space abound, there is still a long way to go. Once considered the Wild West of the digital transformation, AI is now facing questions about processes, regulations, purpose, and critical design.

In this episode of the Absolute AI podcast, Melody welcomes Zachary Hanson, Head of ML Product at Brightcove, an online video platform that helps customers experience the incredible potential of video. Zach is a product management expert and remote working enthusiast who has worked at several of the world’s largest artificial intelligence companies including IBM Watson, Capital One, and Wells Fargo. They discuss the pillars of a successful AI platform, the importance of design thinking in every aspect of the customer’s AI experience, empowering AI scaling strategies, and Zach’s tips for successful remote working in any environment.


Zach’s work is founded on three key pillars — ensuring the right data platform to enable data scientists to build out cutting edge, differentiating features, secure data governance, and analytics that understand how viewers are interacting with video. By focusing on each of these pillars, Brightcove is working to move the AI/ML video needle forward.


With the right team in place, Brightcove is navigating governance across countries and languages. By building out their own modeling governance structure, they are able to ensure traceability and true source data. These model governance policies can also help to tame the prolonged Wild West environment that AI has experienced to this point.


With fundamentals in place, companies can scale their AI operations by having exceptional gating processes for AI/ML. Product management as it relates to ML or data platforms relies on understanding customers’ needs. ML is not always the right answer, but by going through the fundamentals companies can know for sure what solutions will best meet their customers’ needs.


As someone who has been a remote worker for his entire career, Zach knows what it takes to make remote working work. Technology has continued to evolve to support remote work, especially over the last two years, and by maintaining discipline practices, Zach has found success in any work environment.


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