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Rahul Singhal On Optimizing AI In Data Modeling With Humans In The Loop

Innodata’s Chief Product & Marketing Officer, Rahul Singhal, Sat Down With Chad Burmeister, of The AI for Sales Podcast.

Modern CTO Podcast With Rahul Singhal — Innodata


1:46        Growing Up

3:45        Current AI Products and Services

6:54         How to Get Data AI Ready

11:05     The Importance of Humans-in-the-Loop

14:50      Why Some AI Projects Don’t Make It to Production

18:13      AI in Sales

20:48     The Future of AI

Rahul's insights

“We all have to recognize that machines are dumb. They don’t understand until you teach them.”

“We are just at the beginning of truly transforming industry and humanity by the use of AI.”

“Being competitive has helped me have the drive to do better”  

“Defining it [data] and being able to annotate it so that its we all agree on what the core unit of measurement is” 

“I feel that you cannot have any AI production workflow without the humans-in-the-loop” 

Show notes

Without human expertise, machines are simply pieces of metal. Machine learning itself implies the need to be taught. Likewise, with AI, it cannot do anything of its own volition without being programmed and taught with human expertise.  

Rahul Singhal, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Innodata, was invited onto The AI for Sales Podcast with host Chad Burmeister. In this episode, Rahul discusses optimizing AI in data modeling with humans-in-the-loop. As an expert on the subject, Rahul further highlights the importance of having “humans-in-the-loop” for the success of any AI venture, from data collection to fine-tuning. He shares exciting projects to look forward to from Innodata and how he thinks AI for sales will evolve in the near future. Gain perspective from an expert and tune in to learn more. 

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