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High-Quality Training Data for Automated Text Classification and Natural Language Processing

High-Quality Text Annotation and Classification Services

With Innodata’s full suite of text annotation and classification services, you can scale your AI models and ensure model flexibility with high-quality annotated text data. Leverage Innodata’s deep annotation expertise to streamline text annotation and classification using active learning, NLP, and human experts-in-the-loop.

Data-Centric Approach

Our data-centric approach helps jump-start your models with the highest quality of labeled text data for your AI/ML models.

Multiple Configurations

With world-class workbenches, our services can be configurable to address any requirements for labeling and annotation, including support for any text data input format in 40+ languages.

Highly Secure

Multiple security features within our operations result in the strictest control and compliance in labeling or classifying your text data.


With our global workforce of 4,000+ domain-specific subject matter experts, you can rely on Innodata to annotate, classify, and validate exceptional text data for any industry-specific use case in any major language with confidence.

Quality Assurance, Validation, & Control

Innodata can support various annotation processes such as single pass, double pass, double pass blind, or inter-annotator agreement processes — giving you the highest-quality annotated data to ensure your AI/ML model accuracy.

Scalable Output In Any Format

Our services can simultaneously process thousands of text files from multiple sources across different locations. Additionally, Innodata can support, load, or build custom taxonomies and deliver annotated text data in formats such as JSON, HTML, or XML.

Our Expertise at Work Across Diverse Applications

Whether you need document classification or NER annotation to automate document recognition or build your NLP models, our best-in-class text annotation solution delivers ground truth data for any situation in 40+ languages.

Content Classification

Build binary classifiers and other classification models for automatically categorizing your content.

Intent Identification

Analyze the intent behind user-generated content to determine the proper response or course of action.

Content Detection

Automatically detect the types of content present in textual data to support content moderation, such as hate speech and other types of inappropriate content.

Semantic Identification

Build and train models to automatically extract concepts and entities, such as people, organizations, places, or topics from textual data.

Risk Assessment

Find and evaluate potential risks involved in an organization or undertaking. Identify and filter data based on types of risks.

Sentiment Analysis

Identify the sentiment behind your text to populate relevant metrics and other data analytics.

Relationship Mapping

Build relationships from your semantic data to support the development of knowledge maps.

Medical Data Research

Drug search, discovery, and complex annotation of medical literature, healthcare records, and medical data — including medical concepts and diseases.

Legal Data Analysis

Manage contract analysis and identify critical data from legislations, statutes, rules & regulations, circulars, and case law.

Business Intelligence

Identify meaningful and useful business data to enable more effective operational insights and decision-making. Support company data analysis, insight, and benchmarking.

Text Annotation Workbenches to Create your Training Datasets and Train Your AI Models

Text Annotation Customer Success Stories

Multilingual Content Moderation for Global Social Media Platform

A leading social media platform needed to improve modeling for search query relevance, ad review and placement, sentiment analysis and toxicity, and content moderation.

Risk Assessment Financial Annotation for Global Financial Firm

A global financial services firm required the annotation of technical financial documents to train its AI platform to conduct risk assessments for investment portfolios.

Multilingual Text Annotation for Leading Booking Engine Chatbot

A leading travel aggregator and booking engine required highly accurate annotated datasets for a booking assistant bot that operates in multiple languages.

Annotation for Life Science Data Provider’s Drug Search & Discovery

A leading abstract and indexing scientific research discovery solution required annotated data to enhance its platform for drug search/discovery and research funding.

The Innodata Process

An End-to-End Approach


Consult with a dedicated account manager. Generate test pilot to fine-tune annotation specifications to meet client’s ML needs. Align text annotation goals. Establish quality metrics, KPIs, & SLAs. A flexible & iterative approach.


A tailored team of in-house SMEs are selected based on project requirements and individual domain expertise. Annotators complete a customized training program after which they receive weekly audit reports, showing the results of auto-validation, random QC spot checks, and KPI performance evaluations. ​


Our text annotation services and platform offer various workbenches with unparalleled control of annotation workflows. Time-to-value enhancers augment and streamline work. Highly accurate annotated data. Infinite scale. ​


Continuous delivery of ground-truth annotated text data to power your text classification and NLP models. Secure data transfers. Strengthen model weaknesses with iterative batches to facilitate active learning. ​

Our Team of Data Experts

Our team is comprised of data experts with years of developing strategies that enable companies to manage and distribute data using AI-based solutions. Book a time that works for you, and let us help develop a custom solution for your unique needs.

Pricing Packages

Text Annotation Services

We offer cost effective packages while maintaining the highest quality.  All of our packages include:  

(NASDAQ: INOD) Innodata is a global data engineering company delivering the promise of AI to many of the world’s most prestigious companies. We provide AI-enabled software platforms and managed services for AI data collection/annotation, AI digital transformation, and industry-specific business processes. Our low-code Innodata AI technology platform is at the core of our offerings. In every relationship, we honor our 30+ year legacy delivering the highest quality data and outstanding service to our customers.


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