Safeguarding LLM Deployment:
Model Evaluation and Red Teaming

Featuring Experts From Innodata, Microsoft, and Solliance

Large Language Models (LLMs) hold tremendous promise for innovation across various domains. However, their capabilities also introduce significant challenges related to safety, ethics, and the risk of misuse. In this expert-led webinar, the panelists delve into the critical practice of red teaming specifically tailored for LLMs.

Red teaming involves rigorous evaluation and testing to enhance the reliability, robustness, and ethical use of these powerful language models. Watch as they explore practical strategies, real-world case studies, and best practices for ensuring responsible deployment and maximizing the positive impact of LLMs. Join Rahul Singhal, Innodata’s Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Eduardo Kassner, Chief Data & AI Officer at Microsoft, and Zoiner Tejada, Chief Executive Officer of Solliance, for an insightful discussion.

In this webinar, our experts discuss:

  • Key considerations for evaluating LLMs before deployment.
  • Red teaming techniques to identify vulnerabilities and ensure LLM safety and ethics.
  • Best practices for developing and deploying LLMs responsibly to mitigate risks.
  • Insights from industry experts on the future of LLMs and how to navigate potential challenges.
Edwardo Kassner, Microsoft; Zoiner Tejada, Solliance; Rahul Singhal, Innodata

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