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Third-Party Risk Intelligence

Innodata’s Risk Intelligence Solution Provides Near Real-Time Data and Insight Across Your Regional Supplier and Vendor Ecosystem So You Can Remain Agile and Resilient in the Face of Emerging Risks

Being one step ahead is critical for managing your organization’s risk. With Innodata’s Risk Management solution, you’ll be first to know about the actions, events, social media posts, and press coverage that can impact your business—categorized by key risk signals and delivered conveniently in a regularly scheduled, easy-to-understand briefing.

Risk Signals » Third-Party Supplier Risk Insights » Actionable Data

Third-Party Monitoring

Monitor your vendors and suppliers for insight into key risk signals like ESG, labor compliance, delivery, and geopolitical risk.

Reputational Risk

Stay on top of the global conversation around your partners, suppliers, and competitors to uncover and act against potential reputational harm.

360° View

Maintain a 360-degree view of your business ecosystem. Allow our Al-driven solution to cut through the noise and deliver insights that help reduce the time between risk discovery and mitigation.

Risk Exposure by Risk Signal

Real-Time Insights & Analytics

Innodata’s Risk Management solution works by using our proprietary AI-driven data models to scour billions of data points to extract adverse information across various risk signals.


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