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Absolute AI Podcast | Elizabeth Pritchard, Episode 2 — Innodata


·    Elizabeth’s journey into STEM and finance 
·    Her time at Goldman Sachs and the evolution she saw in the financial industry from a data-driven innovation and AI perspective 
·    Examples where traditional and alternative data offered different perspectives 
·    Unstructured data and the challenges in extracting information out of it 
·    Leveraging AI and the structured data it creates 
·    What attracted Elizabeth to Bitvore and the initiatives there about which she is most excited 
·    How Bitvore is bringing insights from ESG data to battle company ‘greenwashing’ 
·    Elizabeth’s advocacy with Girls Who Code and STEM++Inno 

Elizabeth's Insights

“We like to call it ‘AI-ready data’, so that we don’t compete with their specific secret
 sauce, we fuel their secret sauce, we fuel their models with our intelligence.”

“I find that the best solutions, the best ideas, the best productivity comes from diverse  thinking, and bringing that in together, you come up with much better solutions.”

“I learned very much so to focus on what’s really happening, and learn to be data-driven and let the data do the talking.”

“Those claims that companies are making are now subject to much more scrutiny in the 
  world, because of the more advanced capabilities of the AI tools that are available to 
  scour, you know, huge amounts of information really quickly.” 

“What you’re really doing, right, is extracting out information and creating a clean structured data set, which you can then, AI-ready, bring into machine learning models, or, you know, other data analysis, to shed more light on that particular company and that particular event.” 

“Creating a clean data set requires multiple models. And then, well, what does the next 
 research report say? Keeping that fresh on an ongoing basis is another challenge.” 

Show Notes

Joining Melody on today’s episode is Elizabeth Pritchard, recently named CEO of Bitvore – the leader in AI-driven intelligence from unstructured data. Elizabeth begins by sharing her journey into the STEM and finance industries, her 19-year tenure at Goldman Sachs, and the evolution of alternative data in the financial industry. She goes on to explain what alternative and unstructured data are, the challenges of extracting information from it, and leveraging AI and the structured data it creates.

Elizabeth illustrates how fundamental and alternative data can offer differ perspectives on a company, for example they may claim to be green, but ESG data shows that they are actually heavy emitters. These insights can help investors gain a more nuanced view of companies and help combat ‘greenwashing.’ The conversation concludes with her passionate advocacy work empowering young people, especially girls, to pursue STEM, and offers her vision of the world in the year 2041. Brimming with knowledge, wisdom, and enthusiasm, Elizabeth Pritchard is a well-known serial innovator, data activist, and analytics-driven executive, and, as you will hear today, a gifted educator and agent of change as well. 

Elizabeth Pritchard has 25 years of experience as an executive in financial services, driving data and technology innovation for financial institutions and start-ups. She was Global Head of Market Data at Goldman Sachs and COO of the Global Data Science Group at AIG, co-founded Crux Informatics, where she was Head of Go-To-Market Strategy.  Just prior to accepting the CEO position at Bitvore, provided advisory services to alternative data and data infrastructure providers through her own company, White Rock Data Solutions. Elizabeth also advises industry professional associations SIIA and FISD Alternative Data Council on go-to-market strategy, and serves on the Board of Directors at Eagle Alpha and Global Data. 

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